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  • These products are great! I've been using Neptüne to keep my hair moisturized and L'Ör for growth. I must say that I am amazed with the results! My hair has grown 4 inches since I started using them and feels so soft! I do recommend these products. Totally worth the investment.

    Edna Demosthenes - 41 year old female| 4b kinky hair| Brossard, Qc.

  • Hello My name is Matthew i'm 27. I have tried your Neptüne Hydrating Oil for the first time and I was really surprised with the effects that your product had on my skin. I was happy with how soft and smooth my skin became. I also noticed that it helped me treat the eczema that I have on my arms! It made a major difference after 5 days and I was happy that my skin was less dry! LOVE THE PRODUCT. PLEASE MAKE A BIGGER BOTTLE.

    Matthew Veloza - 27 year old male| Dry Sensitive Skin| Villeray, Qc.